Fourth of July Parade Application

Application Instructions for the 2018 “Proud To Be An American” 4th of July Parade


Application Instructions

  • The following is all the information you need to apply for participation in the Belton parade. Even if you have participated in the parade in the past, please read all the information carefully. Requirements have changed and past participation does not guarantee acceptance for the 2018 parade.
  • This page contains general information and rules that must be followed by all units. Not following guidelines could result in dismissal from parade line-up and from future 4th of July parades. We want the parade to be enjoyable and SAFE for participants and spectators alike.
  • PRE-PARADE MEETINGS: All participants must register and attend one of the pre-parade meetings scheduled for:
    * Wednesday, June 13th at 6 pm
    * Saturday, June 16th at 10 am
  • DEADLINE: In an effort to provide lineup information to all units prior to the parade date of July 4th, we will begin creating the lineup in early June. Therefore, ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS MUST BE POSTMARKED  BY THE DEADLINE OF JUNE 15, 2018. Late entries will receive no commentary during the parade, be subject to a fee of $75.00 plus the cost of entry and be placed toward the end of the line-up. The parade chair has the sole discretion of accepting entries after June 15, 2018.
  • FEES: Make checks payable to: Belton Area Chamber of Commerce.
    • Member commercial, business, and for-profit organizations – $ 50.00
    • Non-member commercial, business and for-profit organizations – $300.00
      (Includes optional chamber membership dues for 1 year for 1-10 employees valued at $200.00. Membership fee may vary according to # of employees)
    • Not-for-profit organization (must present 501(c)3 document) – $ 20.00
    • All others (Car clubs*, sports teams, clubs, etc.) – $ 20.00
    • Late Fee – $75.00 plus cost of entry (goes into effect on June 1, 2018)

* Please see multiple vehicle entries rule

The following items must be submitted by June 15, 2018 for your application to be considered for participation.

  • Completed application form (below).
  • Entry Fee (check made out to the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce. You may hand deliver to the chamber offices or mail to 412 E. Central Ave., Belton, TX 76513)
  • Waiver of liability (signed by one member of your unit) 2018 Parade Waiver
  • Proof of 501(c)3 status if entering as a not-for-profit.
  • Coggins certification for equestrian units.

General Rules

Acceptance: Your acceptance into the parade is based upon your application. The committee reserves the right to dismiss your unit from the parade route if it differs greatly from the original description in the application. All participating organizations (sponsors, co-sponsors, partners, supporters, etc.) must be listed on the unit application. If you plan to partner with a commercial business or organization in any way (i.e. hanging banners, etc.) you must include that information in your application.  If you are a non-profit organization and will be using a non-chamber member for vehicles or other donated items, the commercial member cannot advertise unless the full fee is paid. Applications will not be accepted for any crusading movement of a general controversial nature. Please do not advocate social, ethnic, or political change.

Movement of Parade Flow: All units must keep moving forward. Units must not stop on the parade route at any time. Intentional delay or stopping will not be allowed and could be cause for non-acceptance in future parades. Performances by bands, dance groups, clowns, go-cart groups, and motorcycle groups etc. must be accomplished while maintaining the constant movement with the flow of the parade. Performances must be performed on the move. Please keep up the pace and keep moving.

Sirens / Horns: No sirens or horns are to be used along the parade route. Lights are acceptable.

Firearms: No firearms allowed in the parade at any time. Non-functional firearms may be pre-approved by the parade committee and safety officer if the non-functional firearm is part of a historical reenactment entry.

Water Guns and Projectiles: WATERGUNS & PROJECTILES ARE PROHIBITED. Units may not employ squirt guns, super-soakers, or any other device to spray any liquid or toss any sort of object to the crowd or on the parade route.

Political Entries: Political candidates and political office holders are invited to participate in the parade. The candidate or office holder must be present and must ride the parade route in a vehicle. Parade entry may involve 1 average size vehicle in which the candidate or incumbent rides with whomever fits in the vehicle with them. No one will dismount to greet or walk among the spectators. Political candidate volunteers are not allowed to walk along side of the vehicle. Volunteers are encouraged to hand out information prior to the start of the parade and then are invited to join in the parade as spectators.

Line Up: Line up order is determined by the parade committee to establish variety and to insure even flow of the parade. Adequate description of your group/float is important on the application. This helps distribute the  various types of units.

Safety: Belton Police Officers, Belton Fire Department members, and Parade Officials will be monitoring unit behavior and actions throughout the parade. Failure to comply with rules will result in your removal from the parade. Parade officials will be wearing yellow safety vests or yellow “Parade Staff” shirts.

Equestrian Units: Horse Units must provide their own clean up crew that immediately follows their units. Clean up must begin at line-up! Provide a clean-up person for every five horses. Coggins papers will be checked for all horses riding in the parade and are required at time of parade application. If your entry fails to provide proof of coggins prior to the start of the parade, your entry will be immediately pulled, no exceptions.  A golf cart or gator is allowed to carry the clean-up crew.

Distribution of Materials: No materials may be distributed along the route during the parade. The prohibitions on throwing and distributing material will be strictly enforced by parade officials and the Belton Police Department.

Display of Name & Number: All units shall bear the name of the community, organization, company, or individual responsible for its entrance in the parade. The letters should be at least 8” in height and visible. The parade number must be visible to insure the announcers can identify your float and announce your information. This is absolutely necessary as the parade will be televised by KCEN on channel 6.2. There is a possibility that not every entry will be televised as time on air may not permit. Entries will be randomly selected by KCEN to air on television and is in no way determined by the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce, its Board of Directors, Parade Committee or any person affiliated with theBelton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Commentary: Participants must provide current and accurate publicity information, in one (1) brief sentence for the parade announcer by June 15. Commentary exceeding the one (1) sentence limit will be cut after one (1) sentence. Information received after June 15 may not be included in the parade script.

Good Taste: Each entry shall be in good taste and contribute to the entertainment value of the 2018 parade theme: Proud To Be An American with participants in uniforms/costumes or decorated vehicles/floats. Red, White, and Blue decorations are a must.

Cancellation Policy: The parade will take place rain or shine. No refunds will be issued because of weather. In case of inclement weather, decisions will be made by Belton Police Department and the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Alcoholic Beverages: ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PROHIBITED at any time or under any circumstances during line-up or during parade appearance!

Music: Playing of music with vulgar lyrics and profanity is not allowed. Music must be suited for a family audience.

Float Judging: Judging of floats will take place before the parade at 9 am along the staging route.  It is imperative that your entry be at your assigned staging location prior to 9 am if you would like to be considered in the judging. Judging categories will include most beautiful float, most representative of theme, best sound, people’s choice, best decorated vehicle, and Chairman’s Choice. Winners will be awarded prior to the parade except for People’s Choice and Chairman’s Award which will be announced at the 4th of July Rodeo.

Assembly Time: Non-judged units should arrive in their designated staging area no later than 9 a.m. Judged units see section for “Float Judging” below. Instructions for entry to the staging areas will be given at one of the pre-parade meetings.

Multiple Vehicle Entries: No more than three titled vehicles per entry, unless explicit written permission has been granted by parade chairman or the Chamber of Commerce.

Parade Application
  •   Chamber Member - for-profit organizations $50
      Non-Chamber Member - for-profit organizations (includes optional chamber membership dues for 1 year for 1-10 employees) $300
      Not-for-profit organization (pust present 501c3) $20
      All others (car clubs, sports teams, clubs, etc) $20
  • Groups registering after June 1, 2018 will incur a late fee of $75, in addition to the cost of entry.
  •   Marching Group
      Marching Band
      Walking Group
      Drill Team
      Elected Official
      Political Candidate
      Equestrian Group
      Equestrian Group with Carriage
      Animal Group
      Float and Vehicle Group
  •   Yes

  • If accepted into the parade, the following information will be used by the Parade Committee and the Parade Announcers. Please include colorful details when describing your organization/group. The committee and announcers reserve the right to edit any information.