Leadership Belton

Leadership Belton 2017 Applications Available Now! Download an application here!!

Leadership Belton is an excellent source for learning leadership skills.  The 10-month program features the three keys elements of Community Awareness Training, Leadership Training, and Team Building.

First the program takes a trip around Belton and Bell County giving the participants a behind the scenes look at non-profit organizations, industrial businesses, government influences, and quality of life resources.  The experiences gained are valuable tools of information and networking.  Each month a new day is planned, packed full of tours and talks with a particular influence in mind, i.e. Education Day or Social Services Day.

Secondly, participants receive leadership training from a nationally recognized program called “Seeds of Success”.  Instructor, Bill Moyer and his son Billy Moyer, brings years of Leadership training experience to the program.  Their company SOS Leadership Institute is used by business and leadership all over the United States.  The training offers a look into personal goals, time management, strategies for working with a group, personal success development and more.

The final element of the program’s proven success is the efforts in team building.  The class is divided into two groups.  Each group is asked to select a short term or long term project within the community of Belton that ultimately has a lasting impact.  The groups are given a mentor, a past class participant, to help advise, counsel, coach and assist the team through the project process.  The projects are fully funded by donations obtained by the team.  The goal is to allow the group to see the different dynamic personalities they may encounter in their everyday life and how to work through a project with those influences.  Great projects have yielded great things and sparked an amazing networked system throughout the community.

As Bill Moyer tells us, leaders are leaders because they have followers.  Do you have someone ready to take the next step to become a leader?  If so, the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Belton program is here to make that difference.  For more information on how to participate, contact Nicole Stairs at 254-939-3551 or email nicole@beltonchamber.com.