Apprentice Belton

Apprentice Belton – Belton’s first mentoring program for developing tomorrow’s Young Professionals and the future leaders of Central Texas.  The program is a partnership between the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce and the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.


The primary purpose of Apprentice Belton is to develop tomorrow’s young professionals and the future leaders of Belton.  This purpose ties into the mission of the BACC. Through Apprentice Belton, we hope to not only find each of these students jobs in the Belton area upon graduation, but give them the expertise, insights and connections to have a successful career in their field of interest.  Apprentice Belton will include:

  • Top students from the University of Mary Hardin Baylor (open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors)
  • A 4 month, 6 session mentoring opportunity for a student to learn from a local leader in an area of their career interests/pursuit. Mentors give 1 hour every other week to their apprentices (based upon calendar availability) to help guide the student on career development, make contacts/network in Belton and beyond, and offer general work and community awareness
  • The mentoring relationship will focus on a single objective/goal defined by the Apprentice at the outset of the program and agreed to/accepted by the Mentor. This “challenge” can be anything from helping the Apprentice find their calling or get their first job.

Program Details:

  • The primary objective of program activities is for the mentor to guide the student on career development, help them make contacts/network in Belton and beyond, and offer workplace and community awareness
  • Mentor and apprentice will set up a bi-weekly (every other week) meetings over coffee, lunch, in the office, or other appropriate location to discuss the field
  • Mentor and apprentice will be encouraged to attend BCC networking, community, and educational events together to make connections and learn more about the city
  • Kick-off event will connect mentors and apprentices, review program curriculum and schedule, and include a unique team building exercise
  • Program will culminate in a graduation ceremony that will include the apprentices, mentors, local leaders, key stakeholders from the University, and any program sponsors


For More Information:

Please contact Don Owens at or Michele Moore at