Ambassador Requirements

To be eligible to become an Ambassador, each person must be a chamber member in good standing (dues paid up to date at time of application) or an employee of such a chamber member.

Each individual applying to become an Ambassador will be given a written copy on the Ambassador rules and regulations by the Belton Chamber.

Each Ambassador applicant must complete a written application in the process of becoming an Ambassador.

The Belton Chamber is responsible for submitting qualified individuals to the Ambassadors through the chair for approval by majority vote at the Ambassador monthly meeting.

Any person whose related chamber dues become past due by 90 days or more while serving as an Ambassador will be subject to suspension from the Ambassador Program. Retired and unaffiliated Ambassadors have no dues.

Each Ambassador will be required to commit to one year term of service. An Ambassador can continue in the Ambassador program for any number of one year terms, as long as qualified.

Each Ambassador will be required to attend at least four ribbon cuttings (if scheduled) per quarter. Ribbon cuttings are extremely important. Other related chamber events count toward fulfilling meeting and event attendance requirements. Written attendance records will be maintained by the member/Ambassador.

Extreme variations, such as completely ignoring these rules will be sufficient justification for dropping an Ambassador from the Ambassador program. Facts and circumstance such as sickness or death in the family will however be considered.

Ambassadors are not allowed to solicit business at ribbon cuttings

The Belton Chamber of Commerce is primarily responsible for recommending to the chair the removal of any Ambassador from the Ambassador program.

Majority vote of attending Ambassadors at a monthly meeting is required to drop an

Ambassador from the Ambassador program for any reason whatsoever. Quorum is reached with 6 Ambassadors in attendance.